December 29, 2009

shoping skola time

alkish nyer bmule dgn ' aku pegi ikot mak aku pegi beli brg2 skola adik2 aku pg td kt megadin (mydin sbna nyer..)..dan dlm kebanjiran umat2 manusia mbanjiri tmpt beli belh tu,aku tlh meliht pelbgai ragam anak2 kecil (besa pun ade)....meh aku story sket...

situasi 1 : membeli beg skola...

~aku tgk 1 fmly ney (ade mak,kakak dan adik nyer yg aku ase mgkn dajah 1 or 2 gitu kot)..adik die nk plih beg...dierg smpai la kt beg kanak2...kt beg tu terdpt la wjh2 pujaan "high school muscl" korg ade 1 beg tuh ade gmba sharpay ngn adik die tuh pastu yg negro tuh (aku talyn cite tuh,so tatau sgt k) jep,so adik die kate cmney "xnak beg neyh...sbb xdek gmba yg 2 org lg tuh" (zac ngn gabriella tu)..fuh xmcm hot plak bdak kecik neyh kan..kate aku dlm hati...

situasi 2 : membeli pembaris...

~aku ase perkare neyh yg plg klaka skali bese aku tgk 1 fmly neyh (ade mak ngn anak pmpuan yg msh lg skola rendh kot)..aku dnga mak die ckp cmney "cept beli pembaris.ibu xnak tgk lg adik baris guna tangan"...kyaa hahaha..mmpos aku nk tgelak (sbb aku pun buat perkare yg sme dlu)..baris gune tgn....TERBAEK!!!

situasi 3 : membeli ??

~aku nmpk bpak dan anak lelaki nyer...sbna nye aku xpsn beliau dan ank beliau mbeli 1 je yg aku pasan..mike mmakai slipa jepun yg sme jenis (aku xpndai nk describe..ala yg ade bulat2 ats slipa tuh)..bapk die pkai wane ijaw andank die pkai wane kuning...mmg ANAK BAPAK...lalalalala~~~

p/s : kpd sume2 yg akn bersekola smule.slmt bersekola...

December 18, 2009

sUpeR JuNioR ..!!!!!!!

dah lme aku ta lyn smpne kerjnan aku ari neyh,aku nk share ngn korg psl group korea yg bru aku tau kehdrn nye kt muke bumi neyh..let me introduce.....super junior..!!atau lbeh sng dppgl suju ataw sj!!OMG dieorg mmg cute x hengat! la!!aah lg 1 fans2 suju neyh dgelar ELF a.k.a EVERLASTING FRIEND~~~sweet gitu kan.haha..akula slh sorg nyer..bia aku story sket eyh...dieorg mule debut mse taon 2005..aku mse tuh fom3..mse tu ahli nyer 12....eeteuk,heechul,hangeng,kangin,yesung,shindong,sungmin,eunhyuk,donghae,siwon,ryeowook dan kibum(ikut umo ney taw dr tue hgge plg mude)...and mse 2nd album,suju tlh mnbhkan sorg lg members yg ke 13 iaitu kyuhyun..sbb tu korg takn nmpk kyuhyun kt mne2 lgu yg tdpt dlm 1st album sj..sbb die xmsok lg mse tuh..skrg suju da reease 3rd album.."super junior sorry sorry"..lgu sorry sorry mmg best..aku siap hfl lg step2 menari lgu xmcm hanco plak an...hehehe..ape2pun suju memg best..!!

**ops..lupe nk btau korg yg kibum ngn donghae aku pnye yep..!!!
jgn curik auuww...!!!!!

October 11, 2009

1o haRi mEncARi cHenTa

name : wayne rooney

seorg yg hebt dan sgt terel..spe x kenl mamt neyh memg bukan
kipas-susa-mati manu kdg2 manusia2 yg anti-manu pun
kenl taw..wlupun bliaw x la sensem cr tp ade aku kesa??
skurg2 nye bliaw setie kt kelab kan kan kan..bermain utk kelab
"manchester united"
dan selamnye akn mjadi player yg thebt!!

name : adam

mamt muke jmbu neyh memg aku mnt sejk azali lg..dgn mate nyer
yg sepet tu + dance yg power punyer + rmbot yang ko0ol + suare
ala2 yusry = aku sgt addicted kpd mamt neyh..pena jmpe die
skali mse kt jom heboh aitu tp still xpat tgkp gmba ngn die dan
mwujdkn ase xpuas hti smpai la ke hri ini..
wtf gler rmi org mse tuh!!
tgk la bler aku jmpe die lg skali..mampos smpai mlm aku take pict
ngn ko!!!hahaha...aku chenta mamat neyh n_n

name : joe jonas

adeh..ble dnga jek nme mamt neyh trus neik sawan..
blum tgk gmba lg..sesape yg xkenl korg memg buta music..
bliaw adalh ahli band
jonas brothers
yg mna ahli2 nyer tdri dr 3 org dan kesemuanya adlh adik
bradik jonas..abg die bname kevin dan adik die nick..
omg dieorg sume memg plg kiut mesti la joe..
d'angkt sbgai frontmanband neyh wlupun
kekdg nick yg bnyk skali lg ade aku kesa???
joseph adam jonas..chenta ko lg lg dn lg n_n

name : jared padalecki

aduu...taley ah aku tgk mamt neyh..bpak la nsem..
mse mule2 tgk bliaw memg trus fall in love lahh..
i wish i had a bf like him.sgt2 la femes dgn cite
melainkn la korg ta lyn cite klu btol korg memg ta lyn
korg memg rugi besamy sammy is so0o hot!! lap u n_n

name : jeff hardy

mamt neyh memg pnuh dgn skill yg memg gler2 ke'cambest'an
nyer..bile die wjud je kt atas ring tuh memg aku taley alih mate ah..
kusyuk jek..and he's the only reasons why i watch
but i will never saw him again bcoz he has leave sad..
but i still addicted to him...lap u n_n

name : shia lebeouf

transformer,eagle eye,disturbia,indiana jones
adlh antre film yg dilakonkn dgn sukses nyer oleh mamt
shia plg aku suke bliaw blakun cte eagle dlm
transfrmer pun die best gak..ape2 pun aku hrp mamt neyh
akn trus blakon smbil m'habeskn duwet aku utk pegi ke cinema
nun jaoh dsane..lap u n_n

name : koike teppei

seorg mamt JEPUN yg tsgt2 la kiut as if he was the sweet
i will eat itdamnly!!seorg pnyanyi dan plakun yg berbakat.
btw,bliaw blakun cite
gokusen 2
dmna bliaw mjdi slh seorg troublemaker kt skulah dieorg tuh..
wlupun jd gengstr tp tetap kiut dow...kdg2 mcm pmpuan pun
ade muke bliaw neyh..i lap him very much n_n

name : gerard way

hi!!mamt romance neyh spe ta kenl memg taley blah la..
frontman kpd
"my chemical romance"
neyh tlalu femes utk tdk dikenali dan bmacm2 lagu dieorg yg
telh,sedg danakan feymes seantero donia..antre lgu2 nyer adlh
i dont love u,helena,welcome to the black prde
btw,bliaw juga mpunyai serg adik dlm band neyh

name :mikey way

yg mrupakn gitarist kmpulan neyh..mpunyai perwtkan
yg agk shy2 mbuatkn die makin hott..dgn spek dmuke..
ahh cair..i lap both of u n_n

name : ryo nishikido

nsem x dier??aku bru jek taw mamt neyh wjud kt donia sejk
bbrpe mggu yg lalu apbla aku scre kbtulan menjoinkan dri aku
utk menonotn ctew yg sgt2 la sdeyh...yg btajok
"one litre of tears"
asoukun...kaw sgt la sweet...lap u n_n

September 9, 2009

jeff leaving wwe!!!

knowing that jeff hardy leaving wwe is a very annoying news..i can't belive it dude..he is a superb superstar and i like him most..why he's leaving??he has loss to world heavyweight champion cm punk!!i like cm punk to0..i just dont get it..why??i know it is extreme rules but everybody is having an insane rules..put your career on the line by having a steel cage match..i know he wanna show his attitude but it's too risky la..maybe somebody will said that 'the higher the risk taken,the higher the result is'..but suke atie sy lar nk ckp ape..and b'cause of his loss,i cannot watch him on the ring anymore =( bkecai2 hati sy..but i'm sure i do miss him!!a lot dude!!hope he will make a extreme suprise after this by having an ENTER again to wwe n_n..
bye dude~~

- - lot of risk : miss hardy - -

August 31, 2009

m.u 2 - 1 arsenl

m.u aku hebat??itu la hkikt nyer bai..taley d'sangkal lg..bukti nyer m.u telh m'numpskn arsenal a.k.a the gunners la kunun dgn 2 goal b'bls 1...goal m.u tlah djaringkan oleh ROONEY-man,1 lg adlh own goal dr diaby...tengs diaby..i lap u lbey lol..wakaka..arshavin plak mjdi pnyelmt gunners utk mlm tuh!!rooney best rooney best rooney best rooney best rooney best

August 9, 2009

~~waLy waLY waLY~~

klu rjn view2 la ea....

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July 11, 2009

fREnch j0in uNiTED!!!!

Sir Alex Ferguson
has made Bordeaux's Gabriel Obertan United's third signing of the summer, after the promising young Frenchman signed a four-year deal at Old Trafford.
The 20-year-old's contract keeps him at Old Trafford until at least June 2013, and Sir Alex revealed Obertan, who can play in a variety of attacking positions, is a player whose progress he has followed for some time.United secured the signature of French starlet Gabriel Obertan on 8 July 2009, with the highly-rated forward/winger joining the Reds from Bordeaux following a four-year spell with Les Girondins.Look what 0berton say : ~

“I am very happy to join Manchester United.This is a big opportunity for me to play at such a great club. I am very excited to be here and I look forward to proving what I can do."

- Gabriel Obertan

July 7, 2009

owh OWEN!!!!!

owen finally is a red deviL's : wearing united new kit

2 years contract signed with david gill

Manchester United is delighted to announce that it has signed Michael Owen on a two-year contract. The striker was out of contract, so no transfer fee is involved.Sir Alex Ferguson said: "Michael is a world class forward with a proven goalscoring record at the highest level and that has never been in question. Coming to Manchester United with the expectations that we have is something that Michael will relish.”Look what Owen say : ~

"This is a fantastic opportunity for me and I intend to seize it with both hands. I am now looking forward to being a Manchester United player and I am fortunate that I already know so many of the players here. I missed pre-season last year and am pleased that I will be starting at Carrington from day one. I want to thank Sir Alex for the faith he has shown in me and I give him my assurance that I will repay him with my goals and performances

- Michael Owen

July 3, 2009

UNITED new siGNing!!!!!!

Antonio Valencia.He became United's first summer signing in 2009 when he joined the Reds from Wigan Athletic on 30 June.The fee is not mention yet but he is probably has started his life as manutd player.The skilful 23-year-old has more than 30 caps for his country, including one in the 1-0 defeat to England in the 2006 World Cup. His performances at the tournament earned him a nomination for FIFA's Best Young Player award and raised a few eyebrows among Europe's top bosses.Before looking ahead to the future, the winger was keen to pay a heartfelt tribute to former club Wigan Athletic.Look what he say : ~

Goodbye and good luck

"I owe Wigan everything. Without them, there would be no Manchester United for me. The club has been fantastic for me, and I am genuinely sad to be leaving some fantastic memories and friends behind. Of course, I am excited to be joining one of the biggest clubs in the world, but I owe it all to Wigan."

- Luis Antonio Valencia

ape2 pun harp manu trus glory2

piss piss kacang

June 12, 2009

n0 more ronald0!?!!??????!!!

tgk tjok ats pun da taw kan.em....mulai ari ney dgn sah nye mamt ney tlh b'hijrh dr manutd ke real mdrd...dri england ke sepanyol..hadoiiiii..agk KECHEWA la aku ble dnga news ney...wlupn aku x addictd sgt ngn mamt ney tp i admit he's a very8 best player..wlupn kekdg kuat blakun..hehee..jmlh trnsfer bliaw mnurt yg aku tgk kt web manu adlh £80million (ikot duwet ktew 130 juta,tu yg aku tgk kt tb td)..aku pun x psti bliaw dtg ke x mse asia tour manu kt mesia nnt..hopefully he will c0me..he's 1 of the reasons why i bought the tickets..another 1 is ro0ney ^_* ~~ape2 pun smoge kaw bhgie kt madrd ye cr ku syg..hehehehe..adios amig0s bai

May 17, 2009

Glory Glory Manutd.......

Kpd sume bale2 tentera red devils,let's selebret our winning with joy n happines..MANCHESTER UNITED suda jd juare EPL 08/09!!!18th utk club,11th utk fergie,n 2nd utk mine...hehe =) wlupn seri jek ngn arsenl td,tp xkesa la dow.xdek hal la.arsenl bole blah..ngn c nasri pendek tu..watever!~~haha..blgak nyer aku sokg suda jd cHAmpi0ns!!!!gLorY gLory maNUtd,gLory gLory maNuTd,gLory gloRY manUTd,as The reDs g0 maRching 0n!!!!!!!sinG up for The chAmpiONS,sinG uP for The chaMPioNs,sing uP for The cHamPIonS,sIng UP for The CHampionS!!!!

s0,dgn abeh nyer epl season ney,idop aku akn jd lbey amn dn tnterm..buat seketika... tade lg bgn awl2 pg kol 3 lbey, tade lg bebelan sis2 aku yg dah neik muak asyk tgk aku tgk bola jew..pdhl dieorg x d'wjbkn pun tgk bola!!!!!aku yg tgk la!!apedehal mike2 nk bebel2 plak..adoyai. tade lg sms minh2 "gler bola" yg text aku tnye sal bola sbb kunun nyer nk usha bf dierg yg dierg mnt bola jgak..isyh2!!bdak2 zamn skrg...s0 skrg aku nk fokus kt FINAL UEFA....manu vs brca

May 12, 2009

it's holiDay time!!!!!

when dis day c0me,there's s0 many things dat als0 come into my mind.It's also remind me to green day song title "holiday".S0 many kind of thing i wanna do rite now.I wanna sleep..kroih2,i wanna eat..yummy,i wanna sang a the remedy is the xperince it is a dangerous liaison i say the comedy..huhuh..stop singing la waly,i wanna have a fight with my sis..ha amek kaw dush2!!,i wanna have a date with my L.O.V.E one'..emM secret (^_^),i wanna watch footbal match -attention- united match only yaaa..bnde sepak ke langit tu..ingt mein rugby ke,i wanna meet my old fren..lame nyer x jmpe die...da tggi sket la..pasan,i wanna go KL as united are having an asia tour n they will come to bukit jalil stadium at 18 july.0h man i'm speechless bout dat.Can u imagine dat u will see wayne,cristiano,dimitar face to face???Gosh i'm very xcted!!!united..i'm ur's =) s0,i hope dat all my fren are having a great holiday to0...cuti cuti

April 26, 2009

mAgicaL maNchESter UnitED!!!!!!!!!!!!

united tlh kmbali 'MENGAMUK'!!!itu lah hakikt nyer.....mrujuk kpd mtch yg b'lgsung pd mlm td,manu telh mbelash spurs dgn jmlh goal sbnyk 5-2.....sgt2 la hebt itu manu...wlupn ketggln 2-0 kpd spurs mse 1st half hsl jrgn bent n modric (agk kiut lol die ney..hoh0),itu x m'lemhkln semgt mbew2 manu KTEW ney utk mcri,mcri dn tros mcri g0al...dan akhrnyer kujtn demi kejutn,g0al demi g0al,glory demi glory dbuat oleh manu....g0al d'mulekn dgn hsl jrgn cr (penlty),r0oney,cr agian,ro0ney again (bosn la asek wat g0al jep..h0ho) n g0al pentp nyer ole berba...tanx wat kolm n ana yep (^0^).da lme x tgk manu meng besa mcm ney....gler hebt!!!!!!!!!!!!

manu - cr7 (57-penlty,68),ro0ney (67,71),dimy (79)

spurs - bent (29),modric (32)

April 16, 2009

laGi-laGI uefa maTCh

dan dgn suke hati nyer sy ingin m'maklumkn kpd anda sume bhwe team yg akn join celsi n barca ke semi-final uefa chmpion league MU n arsenal !!!!!!!!!

glory glroy manutd..glory glory manutd... (^_^)

kisah di mulakn dgn kemngn team yg plg besh d dunie....hohoho.....manu meng agregt 3-2 ke ats p0rt0..wlupn hnye 1 gol yg dsumbatkn pg td,tp tu x m'halg manu utk ter0s mare ke semi-final...g0l yg dihasilkn sgt2 la semat + hebat + besh = glorIous (^_^)

manu - cr7 (6)

arsenl meng agrerat 4-1..mein kt tmpt sndri sdkt sbnyk mdtgkn luck kpd team ney...tr0n dgn ke-11-an utme yg hebt2 blake,meke tlh bjye mbelash villareal dgn m'nyumbat kan 3 goal n slligus mndptkn kemngn mutlak semutlak mutlk nyerrr....

arsenal - walcott (10),adebayor (60),van persie (69)

April 15, 2009


di sini sy ingn m'umumkn bhwa 2 team yg akn mneruskn kemaraan ke separ0h akhr uefa champion league adlh chelsea n barcelona.....

celsi meng agregat 7-5...wlpun ketggln 2-0 mse 1st half a.k.a liverpul tnga leading,dieowg bgkt smule (cewah..) dan akhrnyer sukses utk mdptkn kptn seri 4-4 n kemngn bpihk kpd celsi........

celsi -
drogba (51),alex (57),lampard (76,89)

liverpul -
aurelio (19),alonso (28)-penlty, lucas (81),kuyt (83)

bg team catalan ini pula,dierg meng agregt 5-1.xdek mslh bg barca nk lwn bayern.lgpun dierg da meng 4-0 mse 1st leg...wlpun 2nd leg mein away,barca tetp gah utk meng...wlupn sekadr seri 1-1 barca tetp meng...

bayern - ribery (47)

barca - keita (73)

nk taw 2 team lg yg c0mg so0n akn join team2 ini????
tgu pg nnt ea......
hrp2 la my mAnu akn meng!!!!!!!

everYday,we've gr0wn up with betTer chaLLenge~~~~~

hidop semakin hari semakin payah..semakin hari semakin susah..semakin hari semakin ketat..nape aku skema sgt ney??aku pun xtaw....(^0^)....ape2 pun jlni lah idop anda dgn saba...ssgh nye saba itu sparoh drpd iman....amin..sekian dr ustzh wardah =p

April 13, 2009

neW her0 is c0minG!!!!!

name : federico macheda
nick : kiko
b/d : 22 aug 1991 (younger than me???)
b/p : rome
apperances : 2
goals : 2
wags : i hope it will be me =p

itu la serba sedkt info tntg striker yg bru menmph nme di mate epl ney....memg hebt....skali pndg muke bliau agk twin sma itu lampard..bkin die nmpk lg hot =0 ...dah due kali die tron n dah 2 kali gak bliau mnyumbat kan g0al sklgus mberi kemngn mutlk kpd team yg akn aku sokg smpi bebile ney...idop kiko idop mu....ape2 pun mge mu akn trus sukses.....

March 22, 2009

beNGkEk aku!!

fulham 2-0 manutd

dan knpe??
mu kala lg....
kemusykilaN sering kali
mncl dlm kpale otk aku ney...
dgn tetibe plak tu...
shIT!! man
ape2pun hRp mu aku akn trUS


March 21, 2009


SATRDY/21 mrch/3:01 AM
saat setat wat blog
xbape pndi
tp eden torai
caiy0K waLY!!!!