May 12, 2009

it's holiDay time!!!!!

when dis day c0me,there's s0 many things dat als0 come into my mind.It's also remind me to green day song title "holiday".S0 many kind of thing i wanna do rite now.I wanna sleep..kroih2,i wanna eat..yummy,i wanna sang a the remedy is the xperince it is a dangerous liaison i say the comedy..huhuh..stop singing la waly,i wanna have a fight with my sis..ha amek kaw dush2!!,i wanna have a date with my L.O.V.E one'..emM secret (^_^),i wanna watch footbal match -attention- united match only yaaa..bnde sepak ke langit tu..ingt mein rugby ke,i wanna meet my old fren..lame nyer x jmpe die...da tggi sket la..pasan,i wanna go KL as united are having an asia tour n they will come to bukit jalil stadium at 18 july.0h man i'm speechless bout dat.Can u imagine dat u will see wayne,cristiano,dimitar face to face???Gosh i'm very xcted!!!united..i'm ur's =) s0,i hope dat all my fren are having a great holiday to0...cuti cuti

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waLy said...

cuti sggh bmkne