September 9, 2009

jeff leaving wwe!!!

knowing that jeff hardy leaving wwe is a very annoying news..i can't belive it dude..he is a superb superstar and i like him most..why he's leaving??he has loss to world heavyweight champion cm punk!!i like cm punk to0..i just dont get it..why??i know it is extreme rules but everybody is having an insane rules..put your career on the line by having a steel cage match..i know he wanna show his attitude but it's too risky la..maybe somebody will said that 'the higher the risk taken,the higher the result is'..but suke atie sy lar nk ckp ape..and b'cause of his loss,i cannot watch him on the ring anymore =( bkecai2 hati sy..but i'm sure i do miss him!!a lot dude!!hope he will make a extreme suprise after this by having an ENTER again to wwe n_n..
bye dude~~

- - lot of risk : miss hardy - -